The 34th meeting of the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee will take place at Harwell, United Kingdom, 29th March / 1st April 2016, and Phil Herridge of Space Insight will form part of the UK delegation. 

A Space Insight consultant has been a member of the UK team at the IADC throughout the company's first decade. Both James Dick and Phil Herridge have served as chair of the IADC's Measurements Working Group. During 2016 Phil's current chairmanship of the group will end with handover to Toshifumi Yanagisawa of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), who is at present deputy chair.

The IADC is an international governmental forum for the worldwide coordination of activities related to the issues of man-made and natural debris in space. With the growing use of space and the ever-larger population of man-made objects in Earth orbits, the work of the IADC has become of increasingly vital importance. Founded in 1993 with four members, in 2015 it has thirteen.