The need

Continuing growth in the use of space and the associated build-up of debris have made the near-Earth space population disposition more complex. As a result, the need to acquire and maintain information about all space objects in a timely and cost-effective manner is increasingly imperative.

National governments and commercial clients need an up-to-date understanding of the space population for civil and military purposes which include:

  • meeting treaty obligations
  • regulation and licensing
  • mission planning and space traffic management
  • situational awareness and space population analysis
  • policy formulation.

How we help

Space Insight manages its own sensor operations to provide situation awareness information to meet specific client needs. Our UK-based sensors can provide positional data and multi-colour photometry on space objects.


  • assess, analyse, and interpret data
  • deliver findings in form of studies and reports to build the picture that provides the client with essential and appropriate insight into the near-Earth space population.

Space Insight also carries out delegation representation and study authoring.